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Video Marketing SEO - Magic YouTube XtractorClick Image To Visit SiteAs an entrepreneur, I (James Upjohn) get into lots of projects. I have sold my own software, am an Internet Marketing Coach, I make affiliate commissions, offer local business consulting, joined a few Networking Marketing companies and run an SEO membership site.

My upline (the person that recruited me into Network Marketing) taught me how to use videos on YouTube to prospect. I followed his instructions and before I knew it my video was ranked number one for a ‘hot keyword’.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I realized I could spend a fortune on backlinks and ranking for one highly competitive keyword, or I could dig a bit deeper, and pretty much instantly rank for lots of popular keywords that everyone ignored.

So here was my choice: Constantly fighting with 200 other people who had the same training as me, spending small fortunes to get that popular keyword, or put up 20 videos that ranked easily for the number one spot on YouTube and Google. These 20 videos could bring in more views and leads than that one single video that everyone else fights over.

And I am willing to bet, that’s what you do every day… Wasting valuable time, money and energy over the keywords everyone else wants.

I started looking for keywords that had reasonable searches and no competition on YouTube. I thought if I ranked number one, YouTube & Google would smile on my video and put it on page one, which they often did.

I identified 90 popular, long-tail keywords, with no more than one competitive video. My thought was: What happens if I upload optimized videos for keywords with 400 – 5000 searches a month, with no competition? What if I uploaded one video a day for 90 days?

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