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Pro Handles CB — Freak TrainingClick Image To Visit SiteBeing able to handle the ball is what separates the good guards from the great guards. It’s amazing at how well Coach Rocky trains ball-handling and takes ball-handling to another level.

I’ve been training with Coach Rocky for a while now I can tell you that him helping me master go to moves changed my game. His techniques are part of the reason I was a Mcdonald’s All-American, An NCAA All-American at the University Of North Carolina and now a player in the WNBA.

I wasn’t even recruited in high school and I was completely overlooked. Then I began to train with Coach Rocky and my game exploded. I ended up earning a scholarship and scoring over 2,000 points in my college career.

Coach Roc is an extremely knowledge trainer and coach, that is extremely passionate about making his athletes, not only be the best basketball players they can be, but the best people they can be.

Coach Rock’s programs are hands down some of the best overall skills programs that I have ever seen! I’ve trained with Coach Rocky personally at the Freak Basketball Camps and what I learned helped my game!

My ballhandling and overall entire game has gone through the roof since I started training with Coach Rocky. He is one of the main reasons I play division 1 basketball right now.

My Game Has completely changed since I began training with coach Rock his methods and techniques are AMAZING!

Coach Rocky has made a huge difference in my game. Because of training with him I was nominated to All-State in Virginia and I am now a high level division 1 prospect.

Coach Rocky Ullah’s has changed my game and it has been incredible. When he released 7 Deadly Moves… Read more…