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Choose To Believe - The Power Of Belief - Magic of Believing - Change Limiting BeliefsClick Image To Visit SiteIsn’t it frustrating when you’ve followed all the steps in "The Secret" – or applied all the Law of Attraction techniques you’ve ever known – but you’re still stuck in a rut?

You’ve visualized, recited your affirmations, said your prayers, ordered the universe, and performed almost all the manifestation rituals and routines imaginable… but nothing has worked!

Many of the so-called Law of Attraction gurus and experts have left out a key component in the manifestation process. Or they only briefly discuss this secret key, but they don’t tell you exactly how it works.

It’s belief that has gotten near-death patients to miraculously heal at the last minute… simply by touching a religious object and believing it will cure them!

How about those "lucky" people who have no special skill or talent but have become extremely rich and successful… because they believe in their own abilities!

I’ve used the power of belief in my own situations; and it has allowed me to attain my dream job and attract my soulmate… among many others. But it was on March 2013 that I truly confirmed how the power of belief can produce miracles. Here’s my story…

On March 2013, while I was lifting weights, I heard a loud sudden pop in my left ear. From that instant, I almost can’t hear anything!

I went to the doctor and was shocked with the diagnosis. I had nerve and bone damage in my left ear. And the hearing test reported that I suffer from "moderately severe hearing loss."

The doctor said it might take a week, a month or even many months to heal. But he did not guarantee anything. I think he only said that to comfort me, but the technician who did the hearing test had a grim look in her face… Read more…